Newport Beach Suicide Cleanup

"An Orange County Coroner Investigator handed the suicide victim's mother a card, then he said, 'I'm not supposed to refer, but here's a number for you."' Responsible party speaking for a suicide victim's family in Newport Beach, April 23, 2013 -- More details available face-to-face.




It's a rare day when I receive a suicide cleanup call for anywhere in Orange County. It's an even rarer day when I receive a Newport Beach suicide cleanup call.

To my surprise, six days ago I received a call in the morning from a lady in need of suicide cleanup information. She wanted to know how much I charge. Cost was very important to her. She said that she spoke for a family in which the sun had killed himself. It was hard to hear her because of her telephone and she was quite anxious.

She change the cleaning time twice because of conflicts between her business and when she could arrive at the home. Although the family was present the family was not interested in handling any part of the suicide cleanup.

They wanted to remain a step away from that part of their son suicide. Since I've dealt with a suicide cleanup of this nature before I had no problem with it. My concerns were that the seam be cleaned and then I get paid.

When I asked the responsible party how she found me, she said, "I found you on the Internet." Then I asked, "you mean that a corners employee did not try to send it somewhere else?".

She replied that a corners employee and tried to correct the family to a certain cleaning company. But she did not have the details at the moment. I offered to do the suicide cleanup and I also mentioned that I would give some consideration for money off should something more concrete be learned about the corners employee.


I arrived at the scene and started cleaning. My wife told me on this job because it was quite intensive. I needed detailed work in my wife is the best detailer I can find in the business. I can also trust or not to steal from my clients.

During the night the responsible party entered several times and on her last entrance before she had to go home, she reported that a corners employee had handed the suicide victim's mother a card. This was the County's official business card. On this card the employee had written out a biohazard cleanup companies telephone number.


While handing this business card to the victim's mother, the employee said the following:

"I'm not supposed to refer, but here's a telephone number for you to use."(return)

Now all that the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner's division needs to do is find this employee. I gave the time and place, at least within 24 hours. The responsible party now waits for an appropriate time to ask the victim's morther for the card.

Meanwhile, the coroner can fire this dirt bag. With immediate termination a message goes out. Take part in manipulating victims' families and you will lose your job.

But then, a clear and present danger to the public will not alert this sheriff or our Orange County Government; it will cause them to become more shrewd in protecting Orange County's employee fraud against victims' families.

I believe that it's unfortunate for me to have to seek out reporters from death scenes. Needing to report on the working practices of a County employee in fraud between County employees and cleaning companies is not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. But that's what it looks like I'm going to have to do to see justice done for victims families. Certainly our orange County, California government cannot protect its citizens from these corner employee cronies.

I have received other information in the same manner over the years. It is unfortunate that Newport Beach families must pay additional money for homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and dramatic injury cleanup. If there wasn't enough going on economically and socially in our society, who would think that a public employee sworn to avoid conflicts of interest would do just that, jump into the worst sort of conflict of interest possible?






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