Eyewitness account of an Orange County Coroner employee's attempt to perpetrate fraud.


Based on my personal experience, I believe that at least one Orange County, California coroner's employee breached moral and ethical standards while on duty. My belief is that in doing so he placed undue stress and anxiety upon an emotionally distressed family.
Acting as my close friends' spokesperson, I sought cleaning help following a violent death in their family. But first an Orange County Coroner's employee referred my friends to three expensive cleaning companies.  The employee said to the victim's mother, "I'm not supposed to do this, but here's some telephone numbers."  I saw the card with the numbers hand-written on the back.
My friends were quite upset and did not know what to do.  Wanting to help them, I offered to try to find a reasonable price for the cleaning. I then acted on my friends' behalf and searched the Orange County Internet for cleaning help; there I found Eddie and Kay Evans . They quoted a price and kept to it. They exchanged email with me to ensure that "we were on the same page before, during, and after cleaning."

I wish that anyone in this terrible situation had access to folks like Eddie and Kay not just referrals to very expensive cleaning companies. These companies know they have you in a difficult position and that people will  do anything to get help.
Please call 888-431-7233 to make personal contact with me. The Evans family will alert me to your inquiry.
With all sincerity,
Newport Beach, CA