Orange Crime Scene Cleanup

Cautionary Statement

The City of Orange, California currently comes under the Orange County employees' monopoly for crime scene cleanup. Read more to learn how your county employees have captured an important cleaning service for self enrichment; as a result grieving families pay monopoly prices.



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I know better than to stereotype. Not all government employees cheat the public, seek crony relationships for their own enrichment.


Monopoly prices for blood cleanup should not exist anywhere in our United States, but they do in Orange, California. How do I know?

I, Eddie Evans, had over 2,000 web sites. Today I have fewer than 900. These still allow me to make the following claim in goood faith. Orange County Coroner employees and public guardian employees cheat families. They cheat grieving families. They cheat those families suffer frim a loss to homicide, suicide, or unattended death.

Only a tiny fraction of county employees take part in this fraud against grieving families. Three more about this fraud against grieving families visit my crime scene cleanup website.There you will read about some of my experiences in this business. You will also be able to read more about county employee fraud perpetrated against victims families. I do not claim that it is a large number of county employees. In fact that claimant is only a mere fraction of county employees. I say that a fraction, less than one percent of county employees perpetrate fraud against the dead. I'm talking about dead people who were murdered, committed suicide, or died unattended deaths to decompose.

County employees in the corner and public Guardian departments directive families of the decedents to a select number of crime scene cleanup companies for self-enrichment. My 800 websites give me quite a few pages on orange county Internet crime scene cleanup searches for Google, Bing, Yahoo, as, and many other search engines and directories.

In fact, I own a crime scene cleanup directory; Yet I do not received telephone calls from victims families for blood cleanup services while I do received telephone calls from families stricken by a traumatic blood loss in their midst from a horrible accident. This recently happened in Laguna Beach. How is it that a Laguna Beach family found me for blood cleanup while families and Laguna do not find me for homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, or unattended death cleanup?

If we consider that the difference between these two family situations has one outstanding feature, than it becomes clear. No county employees working for the coroner or public administrator came into contact with the accident blood cleanup family. That's the big difference between the two. One, no coroner or administration employee contact. Two, always a county coroner employee contact.










I know better than to stereotype.


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