A Laguna Beach Blood Cleanup

"I wanted to know why my county government had intervened in the free market for what amounts to a janitorial service. They had monopolized crime scene cleanup." Eddie Evans



Here's an example of what I'm talking about. I receive zero work by way of Internet calls for death cleanup of any sort in Orange County. Then I receive a call for a traumatic blood loss by accident with no death in Laguna Beach one afternoon.

What makes this family's call so revealing? One, they went straight to the Internet to find a blood cleanup company in Orange County. Two, they had no connection to the Orange County Coroner Department. That's the significant difference. No county employees were on hand to misdirect this family.

Third, I receive calls from people in Fort Worth Texas, Tampa Bay, Florida, New Jersey and so on for death cleanup. So how is it that these people find me and families looking for the same services in Orange County do not?

I rest my case.






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My null hypothesis underwent a validity test yesterday, April 10, 2010.

I received a real telephone call for blood cleanup service from Laguna Beach. A homeowner lost control of his skillsaw and it cut deeply into one hand and one leg. The family went to the Internet to find a blood cleanup company.

A Strong and Brave Man

The man kept his wits and bravely managed to dislodge the saw from his let, roll over onto his back, and raised is wounded let. By keeping his leg above his heart he helped slow the loss of blood.

Apparently the EMTs removed a great loss of blood as well as saving the man's life. The wife preferred that an "expert" blood cleanup company clean the scene. Hence, they found me on the Internet under Orange County blood cleanup.

I assisted by cleaning their kitchen floor, scene of the traumatic blood loss.

So in this way a Laguna Beach Police Officer may now answer to the affirmative, "Yes, I have see a crime scene cleanup vehicle owned by Eddie Evans in front of a blood cleanup scene, but not a death scene."

Why should it matter if the scenes was a traumatic blood loss blood cleanup or a death scene?" Because coroner's employees have a monopoly over blood cleanup in Orange County, California, I would not have receive the telephone call.